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An update on gold and Australia's gold stocks

Gold investing has been a strategy among many investors world wide.

Throughout most of human history, gold has either been used directly as a medium of exchange or has provided explicit backing to paper money (i.e. a fixed exchange rate between gold and paper money).

With a 5,000-year history as a valuable metal, it makes sense that gold related investments should make up a portion of a diversified investment portfolio. 

More so, gold adds diversification to a broader investment portfolio as its returns tend to be uncorrelated with those of equities and bonds. 

For those investors looking to gain exposure to gold using stocks as a proxy, this update provides fundamental and technical analysis on Australia's largest gold mining companies. 

Gold investing

What's inside this update?

Gold price analysis
In this update we'll discuss the historical and recent gold price, and provide our analysis on its future direction.

Price charts
This update contains price charts complete with technical indicators and outlook to assist with your gold investing.

Analysis on the miners
This update provides technical and fundamental analysis on Australia's largest gold miners.

*This update contains general advice only.