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ASX Value Strategy Offer

The Rivkin ASX Value Strategy began on February 5th 2018 and in its first year has almost doubled^ the returns of the ASX 200 in the same period (5th Feb 2018 – 5th Feb 2019). This is in line with the expectations of this strategy which recommends stocks based on fundamental criteria that gives us strong confidence in the underlying business performance of that company. 

The strategy invests in listed ASX equities that fall within the ASX 200 index. There are three pillars to the strategy that we combine with the goal of producing market beating returns with less volatility. We seek to find companies that: 

  1. Have a strong likelihood of sustainable, recurring cash flows and earnings
  2. Produce a high return on invested capital
  3. Reinvest earnings back in the business

For a limited time we are offering an introductory 3 month subscription to all 5 ASX Strategies for a total of $99 ($33 per month prepaid in advance).

Enter below to secure this offer and find out more

Investment Characteristics

Our ASX Value strategy has been developed and tested by simulating the investment performance over historical stock price data. This allows us to gather performance data based on how this strategy would have performed if we had run them during these prior time periods. The statistics in the table below summarise the results of this testing and compares to the ASX 200.

Comparison Table

Construction Ten stocks of the best quality stocks selected
from the ASX 200 index
Free-float-adjusted market cap weighted,
comprising 200 of the largest ASX stocks
ManagementRebalanced once per month on the 5th of
the month
Rebalanced four times per year according to
market cap and liquidity
Annual Avg. Return* 16.4% per annum, before fees 8.4% per annum, before fees
Worst 12-month Return* -42% (Feb-08 to Feb-09) -40% (Nov-07 to Nov-08)
Best 12-month Return*67.6% (Mar-09 to Mar-10)44.7% (Feb-09 to Feb-10)
Negative annual returns over 15 years43

*As at 31 December 2018, based on 15 years of back-tested data

Top ASX Value Stocks

StockASX CodePurchase DatePurchase PricePrice
(as of 5 February close)
Beach EnergyBPT05/09/2018$1.90$1.80
IDP EducationIEL05/09/2018$11.01$11.46

*Past performance is no guarantee to future performance
^4.2% compared to ASX 200 at 2.4% for the period 5 Feb 2018 to 5 Feb 2019