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The only general trading advice service of its kind. 
Receive trade recommendations from three distinct strategies - sent straight to your mobile phone
The US Momentum Strategy | The FX Strategy | The Short-term US Strategy

Average Return
24.87% p.a*

Rebalance monthly

The US Momentum Strategy
The Momentum Strategy is a systematic strategy trading in the US S&P500. The strategy is based on relative momentum, where the top ten momentum stocks in the S&P500 are held for a month and then rebalanced. 
*Past performance is no guide to future performance. Statistics from April 2013 to July 2017 and are updated bi-annually. 

Average Return
14% p/a*

10 trades/month

The FX & Liquid Markets Strategy
Rivkin Global’s FX and Liquid Markets Strategy is a 100% systematic trading strategy aimed to capture trending moves across major FX pairs and spot precious metals. By systematic, we mean that the entire trading process, from trade selection to trade management is governed by a set of defined rules, eliminating human discretion.
*Past performance is no guide to future performance, figures based on historical compound returns. 

Average Return
19.27% p.a*

15 trades/month

Short-term US Equity Strategy
Rivkin Global's Short-term Equity Strategy is based on the concept of mean reversion, which is the tendency for equity prices to hover around a moving average price in the short-term, with deviations away being quickly reversed. It is a long only strategy, meaning the strategy will buy stocks displaying short-term price weakness, and sell on signs of short-term price strength.
*Past performance is no guide to future performance. Statistics from April 2013 to July 2017 and are updated bi-annually. 

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What is Rivkin Global?
Rivkin Global, launched in 2009, is a subscription-only service that provides general trading advice in the form of trade recommendations to its members. Rivkin Global comprises of three separate systematic strategies; US Momentum, Short Term Equity and FX & Liquid Markets. These strategies can be traded on an individual basis, however combining all three serves to create a smoother equity curve within your portfolio. 

What instruments do you cover?
We continue to add new securities and markets regularly as our service grows. Currently we cover ASX and US listed stocks, global stock indices, commodities and FX.

How do the recommendations work?

  • How do I access and receive recommendations? Members receive login details to our exclusive online-only Members' Home where all trade recommendations and updates are published. Members receive emails when updates and trade recommendations are published, as well as "action required" SMSs. Members must log into the Members' Home to receive the details of the recommendations.
  • How often will I receive recommendations? The number of recommendations depends on what opportunities are available. Market conditions are constantly changing, ebbing and flowing from high activity to static. Because we attempt to capture trending moves, we will be trading more when markets are moving and less when prices enter a range. Furthermore, it is important to remember that we will only issue a trade recommendation if it fits our technical criteria. However, as a guide we recommend trades on average 15 times per month. The morning update will be sent every morning by 9:30am AEST, and if need be, another one again around 2:30pm AEST.
  • What do the recommendations look like? Every trade recommendation will state: what to buy or sell, the volume to trade, the method of entry, the entry price, a stop loss price and a target price (if there is one). We make things simple for members by providing a sample trade ticket (based off Rivkin Trader) which members can copy when placing their trade into their preferred platform. 

Do I have to trade on Rivkin's platform?

While we recommend all Rivkin Global members trade using Rivkin Trader, there is no obligation to do so. If you trade using Rivkin Trader, you will receive complimentary phone dealing through our friendly Dealing and Relationship Managers during business hours AEST.

This article contains information about foreign exchange contracts, which are considered complex financial products. Please click here to read ASIC's foreign exchange trading article before considering an investment in foreign exchange contracts. This article contains information about CFDs, which are considered complex financial products. Please click here to read ASIC's "Thinking of trading contracts for difference?" document before considering an investment in CFDs.

DISCLAIMER: Rivkin aims to provide clear and simple information to those visiting our website. If any part of this disclaimer does not make sense, please phone Rivkin and ask to speak with a member of our Dealing and Relationship Management Team. Rivkin provides general advice, securities and derivatives dealing services and accounting administration services. Rivkin does not provide advice that takes into account your, or anybody else's, investment objectives, financial situation or needs. We strongly suggest that you consult an independent, licenced financial advisor before acting upon any information contained on this website. Investing in and trading securities (such as shares listed on the ASX) and/or derivatives (such as Contracts for Difference or 'CFDs') carry financial risks. CFDs carry with them various additional risks that differ from more simple securities such as fully-paid company shares. Some of these risks include not owning the underlying instrument from which a price is being derived, settling trades 'over the counter' with a financial institution rather than on a stock exchange, and using leverage to gain access to trades that may have a higher face value than your initial deposit. This risk of leverage means that it is possible to lose more than your initial investment. Our aim is to create more life choices for our clients, which means improving the wealth of clients throughout many market cycles by nurturing a relationship spanning many years. If you are not comfortable with your understanding of the risks involved before using a Rivkin product and service, please contact our office to seek further information or a Product Disclosure Statement, or make an appointment to sit with one of our friendly financial experts. It is in our interest for your Rivkin experience to be a rewarding and comfortable one. Rivkin is a trading name of Rivkin Securities ABN 87123290602, which holds Australian Financial Services Licence No. 332 802.