An investment solution based on four proven strategies

You could do it yourself – or you could follow a strategy with an 18-year track record:

The latest strategy to be introduced to the Rivkin Local portfolio is based off the relative momentum phenomenon. This strategy operates within the ASX100 and recommends the top five momentum stocks based off our relative momentum score, each purchased with equal weight. This strategy rebalances monthly. The Local Momentum Strategy has averaged a return of 22.74% during its 15-year back-tested period* and has currently returned 43.6% since inception in May 2016.

Rivkin's Momentum Strategy vs. The ASX200

* Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Brokerage and fees not taken into account. Performance statistics correct as at 23 February 2017

Based off the popular US strategy "The Dogs of The Dow", the Rivkin Blue Chip Strategy is back tested over 22 years and selects ten of the top 50 Australian stocks to hold for 12-months. The below chart shows $100,000 invested in the Blue Chip Strategy since its inception in January 2009, vs $100,000 invested in the ASX200 Accumulation during the same time-frame. 

Rivkin's Blue Chip Strategy vs. The ASX200

*Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Brokerage and fees not taken into account. Performance calculated 01/03/2017.

The Event Strategy is an active strategy that seeks to capitalise on specific ‘events’ (such as company takeovers) on stocks listed on the ASX that we believe provide a catalyst from which we can profit from a mis-pricing in the market in a relatively short period of time.  Below is an actual screen shot for closed event trades taken from inside the Rivkin Local Members' Home where our entire track record is available to members. 


*Statistics correct as at 1 January 2017* Does not include any open or current recommendations. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Brokerage and fees not taken into account.

Our Income Strategy aims to provide members with a blend of cash flow, and – in cases where yield is highly sought after – capital gains. Unlike cash or term deposits, the instruments included in the Income Portfolio are considered complex, given that they comprise ASX-listed hybrid securities, and are issued by companies that seek to borrow money from retail and wholesale investors. This strategy’s average pre-tax yield at the time of writing is 7.17%* 

Rivkin's Income Strategy vs. The Average Cash Rate 

*Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Brokerage and fees not taken into account.

Direct share investment: the new normal





Conflict free

Cost effective

*Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

"We've found the [blue chip] strategy to be a well-researched and proven method to outperform the market using high quality shares. Rivkin communicates clear instructions to rebalance the portfolio and reports on performance. Because the strategy uses a 12-month window, there is minimal attention required. How good is that??" 
Rod and Wendy B., QLD (Rivkin members since 1999)

You can read more of our reviews here. 

Why Rivkin?

Over 18 years Australian market experience

Client-focussed, licensed and conflict-free

Backed by a 30-day Money-back guarantee

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Cost effective

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What's inside your Rivkin Local membership?

Rivkin will issue you with ASX-listed stock recommendations based on our three-strategy model portfolio. These will arrive by email and SMS, and once received you need only decide on how much to invest, as the entry price and model portfolio trade examples will be supplied for you. Additional information about the company, our analysis and the story of how this became a trade will be available to you.

Further to the general advice stock recommendations, you will also receive access to weekly videos, where your questions get answered by Rivkin’s CEO and Local Investment Director, Scott Schuberg and Shannon Rivkin. Engage in further discussion by making comments underneath these videos or any of Rivkin’s articles, and kick off a friendly chat with Rivkin’s analysts or other members of the Rivkin community.

When you combine Rivkin's general advice with educational resources and stockbroking services, you’re left with a complete solution for your equity investments. Our online stockbroking commissions are just $11 or 0.11%, making it one of Australia’s most cost-effective destinations for broking services.

For longer-term membership options, please give one of our friendly relationship managers a call at 1300 366 145.

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Do I have to follow all three strategies evenly?

The Rivkin Live Model Portfolio was established in April 2013 with $300,000 to invest across the range of Rivkin Local recommendations. The intention behind the Model Portfolio was to provide members with a reference point for not only which recommendations to invest in, but also in what proportion to their overall portfolio. Our Model Portfolio also pays all of the same brokerage and fees as our members do, providing an additional level of transparency unique to the industry.

While we would generally recommend diversifying into all three strategies for a balanced portfolio, the overarching advice is to develop a strategy that suits you. Ask yourself questions such as, how much income do I require? What level of risk am I comfortable with? Do I want to undertake some shorter term trades, or just have longer term holdings?

While we are unable to provide personal advice, should you have any questions regarding how the strategies work, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

How much money do I need to start in each strategy?

Please remember that Rivkin Local does not and cannot provide personal advice specific to your personal circumstances. However, as a guide, our analysts would recommend the following as the minimum amount of money to dedicate to each strategy, to ensure the returns are best positioned to, at least, return over brokerage:

Per each Blue Chip strategy you wish to follow (which is then to be allocated evenly over the 10 stocks) we would recommend dedicating a minimum of $30,000.

As the Income strategy recommendations can be followed individually, and do not need to be held as an entire portfolio (like Blue Chips, for example), we would recommend dedicating a minimum of $10,000 for the recommendations you wish to partake in.

As our model portfolio typically holds around three event trades at any one time, we recommend dedicating a minimum of $10,000 to event recommendations, allocating approximately $3,300 per trade.

Using Rivkin’s standard online stockbroking rate of $11.00, please consider that brokerage for small trades represents 2% and 1% of a $1,000 trade or $2,000 trade, respectively. Thus, the stock would need to rise by these percentages before breaking even on the trades.

How frequently are recommendations made?

All Rivkin Local advice recommendations are sent via email and optional text message. Some strategies are to a set time line (for example our four quarterly blue chip strategies) and others are more ad hoc in nature. As a general guide, you can expect to receive the following number of recommendations per year:

Blue chip strategies: Four portfolios per year (once a quarter) comprising of ten stocks each.

Income strategy: 6-10 buy and hold recommendations per year.

Events strategy: 10-25 short-term trade recommendations per year.

We see our role as finding profitable trade opportunities that meet our model portfolio’s strict requirements and communicating our recommendations to members in a clear and simple fashion. In addition, there are plenty of ‘traps’ in the market and we endeavour to discuss these with our members, as sometimes it is more important to not invest in something than it is to invest in something. We also discuss other potential trades that for some reason do not exactly fit our requirements, but ones that members may be interested in, over and above our Model Portfolio’s trades. We also invite members to ask questions on stocks they are interested in via our weekly Virtually Live Local video show. Members will find a lot of value in our service over and above our specific general advice recommendations, and we encourage all members to use our service in its entirety to
experience this.

Must I open a stockbroking account with Rivkin to receive Rivkin Local’s advice?

While Rivkin offers Australia’s lowest online brokerage starting at just $9.90, or 0.11%, it is not compulsory to open these accounts in order to receive Rivkin Local’s general advice. If you are interested in opening an account through Rivkin, please contact the office on 1300 748 546, or

Which analyst makes the Rivkin Local recommendations?

Investment team members, led by Shannon Rivkin, Local Investment Director.

How specific are the recommendations?

All our recommendations outline what to buy, when, at what price and an indication of the overall portfolio allocation as a percentage of our $300,000 live model portfolio, which you can use as a guide for your own capital allocation.

Similarly we also provide sell recommendations once the trade has met our take profit requirements, or when we believe other factors indicate that the trade is no longer worth holding.

How quickly must I act on the recommendations?

Each recommendation is unique, but we always note the time frame in which we recommend you execute the trade. As a general guide, it’s a good idea to try and follow the trades as soon as they are released as the markets and prices can change quickly.  Our SMS alerts can help make this possible and easy; if you do not currently receive SMSs, please contact the office on 02 8302 3600 to set these up.

Who manages my money?

Rivkin Local is not a managed accounts service. Rivkin Local offer general investment advice only, empowering you to invest directly in the markets yourself. In short, you receive our recommendations, and if you decide to undertake our recommemdation, you are responsible for investing using your own capital, via your preferred stockbroking platform. 

If you are looking for an individual managed accounts service, we do offer a bespoke service solely for Wholesale Investors. Please contact the office on 02 8302 3600 to learn more.

Does Rivkin Local offer technical trading recommendations?

Rivkin Local uses fundamental analysis to form its general advice recommendations across the ASX market only. Traders looking for technical analysis trade advice on the ASX200 and other global markets may wish to purchase an additional membership to Rivkin Global. Please contact the office on 02 8302 3600 to learn more.

Why can’t I find advice on XYZ stock?

We do not attempt to cover all stocks listed on the ASX, nor do we pretend to have a view on all stocks. If you would like our analyst’s view on a particular stock, please submit your question to be answered in our weekly Virtually Live Video show.

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