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The top ASX value stocks exit

Success! You can find this month's top ASX value stocks in the below table. You can also access the report by clicking the button below:

StockASX CodeDividend yieldPrice (As of 5 August close)
Clinuvel PharmaceuticalsCUV0.06%$28.73
Wisetech GlobalWTC0.14%$29.30
Appen Ltd.APX0.36%$26.87
Altium Ltd.ALU0.84%$33.45
BlueScope SteelBSL1.14%$11.77

Did you know you Rivkin has an ASX Value Strategy that selects the top 10 value stocks within the ASX200 based on their value score? You can sign up for a free trial to our flagship general investing advice service, Rivkin ASX to reveal these stocks. During your trial you'll receive:

  • All our ASX-based investing recommendations across for separate strategies;
  • Access to our entire performance history spanning 20+ years;
  • Access to our full investment team;
  • Full analysis and updates across multiple stocks listed on the ASX; 
  • Access to our weekly Q&A show, Virtually Live.